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Taylor Swift “Shake it off” plagiarised?

Photo:  Reggie Bender
By Bennet Nichol Taylor Swift has come under the spotlight once again after allegations that her 2014 hit “Shake it off” used stolen lyrics. R&B singer Jesse Braham claimed that Swift plagiarised his 2013 song, “Haters Gone Hate” which uses very similar lyrics. Braham is taking the matter to court, seeking $42 million (US) in damages and to be accredited as a writer of the [...]

15-year-old charged with sexual assault in Cairns

Thai Coins, Source: Cairns Post
By Bennet Nichol A 15-year-old Cairns boy has been charged with sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman in Cairns early Sunday morning. 36 hours after the assualt, the boy was arrested following an investigation by Cairns police, and has been charged with deprivation of liberty, rape and sexual assault. Detective Senior Sergeant Ed Kinbacher said that investigations led police to a unit [...]

Minaj under fire for taunting woman in a wheelchair

Singer Nicki Minaj is under fire for taunting a woman in a wheelchair, whilst dressed as a busty fairy with a wand for Halloween, by commanding her to “walk” during a party she was hosting in Las Vegas. In a video that was posted to Instagram, “Now if only I could find Handi-Man,” the Anaconda singer said to the woman in the wheelchair, joking about Damon Wayans’ [...]

Students protest in support of fired cop

Around 100 students at a South Carolina high school have walked out of class to show support for a policeman who was fired after a video went viral, that showed him violently throwing a female student across the floor. Students walked out of class last week to protest the firing of Senior sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields. Some in the crowd wore T-shirts reading “Free Fields” or [...]
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