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Tiahleigh Palmer’s death sparks safety concerns in QLD schools and foster care

Tiahleigh Palmer, Photo:
By Bennet Nichol The tragic death of Gold Coast schoolgirl, Tiahleigh Palmer has prompted the Queensland state government to address concerns about child safety. Tiahleigh’s on-going homicide investigation has raised public concerns about the safety of Queensland children in schools and foster care. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has ordered a briefing from the [...]

Adele regrets meeting her one-time idol

Adele has opened up about meeting her one-time idol, Blur frontman Damon Albarn, saying that she wishes she had never met him. The Rumour Has It singer asked Albarn to collaborate on a number of songs with her for her latest album, however the pair didn’t even finish one song together.  “None of it was right. None of it suited my record,” she said in a recent interview with [...]

Churchie student develops break-through maths theory

Ivan Zelich, 17, of Anglican Church Grammar School has developed a maths theory that can calculate problems faster than a computer. The maths theory that Zelich developed, can calculate problems faster than a computer, particularly in intergalactic travel patterns, with hopes the theory will be able to be applied to how the universe works. He is one of the youngest people to have been [...]

Brisbane scores low on pet friendly attributes in new research

New research that is set to be released next week will reveal which Australian cities are the most and least pet friendly, and Brisbane does not fare well. The findings show that Brisbane scores low on pet friendly attributes and regional Queensland ranks even lower. Pet owner complaints have included having their pets banned from cafes and restaurants, beaches and difficulties when it [...]
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