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Dallas Buyers Club asks pirates to name a price for illegal downloads

The film studio behind the movie Dallas Buyers Club has been reportedly sending letters to alleged pirates in Singapore asking them to name their price for illegally downloading the movie. Dallas Buyers Club LLC sent letters to 77 customers of Singaporean internet service provider (ISP) M1, which they alleged downloaded the movie illegally. They gave the alleged pirates just three days [...]

Two-Year-Old DJ Takes Facebook by Storm

Oratilwe Hlongwane is still learning to talk, but the two-year-old is able to select and play music from a laptop and has become an instant celebrity on social media. His mother credits his father’s decision to buy an iPad for his son. He planned to download educational apps to assist his child with learning, but being an aspiring DJ, he also downloaded a disc jockeying app for [...]

PS3’s most popular game remastered for PS4!

The game of the year that scored a 10/10 for everything they produced and from everyone that played it, is getting  PS4 Remastered so players can keep the sensation of the game that IS ‘The Last Of Us’, on their new systems. Having played the game myself, I am quite jaw dropped at my excitement for the remaster of this game, as it is my favourite game and have completed it on all [...]

Texting while driving… Cut that shit out!

Texting while driving not only puts yourself at risk, but innocent bystanders. How could some people be so foolish to think “hmm, it’s just a quick text, nothing will happen.”, when most of the time, it does. It could be at any moment that you crash and you end yours and possibly someone else’s. The minimal time that your attention is taken away from the road is 5 seconds which [...]
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