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Man accused of taking dangerous selfies granted bail

A 23-year-old that has been accused of perching on ledges and hanging outside the windows of Gold Coast highrise buildings to take selfies, has been arrested after posting the pictures online. Scott Davis-Ingram, handed himself in to police on Monday 26th October 2015, and was charged with 14 offences which include 10 counts of trespass and four counts of unregulated high-risk [...]

3D CT scanner revolutionises surgery

Source: Creative Commons
By Bennet Nichol A Perth Hospital is the first in Australia to use a 3D CT scanner, which could revolutionise dangerous or complex surgeries. The portable scanner provides surgeons with a real time 3D model of the patient, and replaces the need for 2D X-ray images which expose patients to significant radiation. Neurosurgeon Andrew Miles told the ABC during a preview of the scanner at [...]

Bill Shorten announces Labor’s “light touch approach” to the sharing economy

Bennet Nichol Opposition leader Bill Shorten announced a “light touch approach” to regulating and taxing new sharing business like Uber and Airbnb yesterday. In a press conference with the Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh, Shorten promoted growth in Australia’s sharing economy, emphasising the potential for new jobs. Shorten said it is important to “get the balance [...]

Dad shows daughter’s boyfriend who is boss

Benjamin Schock knows how to show he is boss of his household, especially when it comes to his 15-year-old daughter Ricarra.  While Ricarra was posing with her date for a photograph before their homecoming dance, her over-protective father, Benjamin, decided to jump in and pose for one hilarious photo bomb. Sneaking up behind Ricarra’s date, Benjamin flashed a cheesy smiled and [...]
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