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Police search for two boys, missing near Collingwood Park

2 missing boiys
By Bennet Nichol Ipswich police are appealing for public assistance in their search for two missing Collingwood Park boys, who were last seen around 7pm Monday night. Ipswich police are concerned for their safety, and report that the boys have made contact with their families but have not returned home. A Queensland Police report describes the two missing children. “The 10-year-old [...]

Charlie Sheen’s HIV confession: HIV back in the spotlight

By Bennet Nichol Famous television and movie star, Charlie Sheen has announced he is HIV positive in an interview with Today host Matt Lauer. Sheen admitted that he has been diagnosed since 2011, and has been receiving treatment for four years. Sheen hopes that he can help push for a cure for the virus, which affects millions of people globally. “If there was one guy on this planet to [...]

Young aspiring filmmakers hurting after Tropfest cancellation

By Bennet Nichol Australia’s young up-and-coming filmmakers are in shock after the surprise cancellation of the famous short film festival Tropfest. Cancelled only a month before the event, both filmmakers and festival fans are upset by the announcement that the festival was not going ahead due to “mismanagement of Tropfest funds.” Tropfest, which has run for 23 years, has kick [...]

Ambulance not called after Gold Coast teen stabbed in schoolyard fight

By Bennet Nichol A 13-year-old Gold Coast teen is lucky to be alive after receiving a stab wound close to his heart in a school yard fight on Tuesday. The boy’s family has criticised Coombabah State High School staff, who did not call an ambulance after the stabbing, instead handing him over to the school nurse. After a visit to the doctor the boy was taken to Gold Coast University [...]
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