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Xceler8 News is the only Queensland-wide student newspaper, written by secondary school students, for students.

We are a two-part media source; online through our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our e-mail news bulletins and the print edition that will be distributed to more than 273 Secondary schools in Queensland, with access to over 260,000 students.

Our online presence is regularly updated with new articles published every week. Frequent updates ensure that the site remains fresh and encourages repeat usage.

In addition, the email news bulletin that promotes new stories on the site is sent out each week to a growing distribution list. The news bulletin contains advertising spaces.

Without the support of our advertising clients, we would not be able to make a difference in the lives of Queensland teenagers.



If you would like to support our organisation by advertising with us, please contact:

Ashley Curwen

Business Development Manager


Ph: 0422 418 443






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